Maddon’s X-Country Drive-a-thon


Athena & Winston resting up for the #RoadTrip4Pets

Well, the Maddon’s are at it again but this time it’s Jaye who will be driving their pups, Winston and Athena, from Long Beach, Ca to the Tampa Bay Area in their 30′ RV. The trip includes a Drive-a-thon to benefit Pet Pal Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg. The Maddon’s are asking folks to pledge a penny-a-mile (less than $30) or other contribution to Pet Pal, a no-kill shelter, so they can keep up their stellar work for animals in need. To donate, go to or to follow the Maddon’s Mad, Mad X-Country Escapades, see and/or @WinstonCMaddon on Twitter. The Madd-ness begins on March 19th…


Thanks for thinking of Pet Pal, Jaye!! Hope Athena and Winston are enjoying the ride!!

So far, so good! Thanks for your support!

Great idea!! Have fun!!

Thanks Tracy and Wasabi! Hope all is well…:)

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