Hello San Antonio!

Yay…we did it! Today we drove from Las Cruces, NM to San Antonio, TX which was 600 miles. Along the way we saw some interesting things plus drove through some pretty strong winds.

After getting through El Paso, I decided to let Dylan drive for awhile. He’s 19 and works with different van and bus conversions. At one point as we were on a two-lane highway in the middle of nowhere, I saw a man walking on the side of the road. Ok, odd but if that’s what he needed to be doing, then fine. Then I glanced over at the left lane and there was a black and white dog in the left lane! All I could do was gasp! Luckily, he didn’t run in front of us and he seemed to be waiting for us to pass so he could cross the lanes to get to his owner. Whew…that could’ve been bad!

Next, we stopped in Fort Stockton for a bite to eat. It was hot and windy. The pups got to stretch their legs a bit, then when we hit the road again, I took another shift of driving. There were lots of hills and gusty winds that whipped the coach from side to side! At one point Dylan said, “Mom- relax!” What? Then a little later the vent on the top of the coach really started rattling and making a loud clanking noise. Winston and Athena started barking like crazy! That’s Dylan on top of the RV fixing the clanking vent– probably from the gusty winds!

We finally get to the hotel around 10:00pm. It was a long day and we also lost another hour coming into Texas. Oh yeah, after giving Athena numerous chances, she waited until we got into MY room to do a #2. Needless to say she’s sleeping in the boys’ room tonight!

If you can, please visit PetPalAnimalShelter.com to donate to Winston & Athena Maddon’s X-Country Drive-a-thon. It’s only a penny-a-mile 🙂 and please share. On Twitter, follow @WinstonCMaddon, the coolest bulldog around!

By Jaye Maddon

Dylan driving today...

Dylan driving today…

Big TX Welcome!

Big TX Welcome!

Dylan on top of the RV

Dylan on top of the RV



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