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Home, Sweet Home!

Being on the home stretch Monday, March 25th was making us all tired and excited! Even Winston knew something was up. While he usually settles in the RV quite nicely, he seemed very restless and generally out of sorts.


Winston: “I want dat muffin to teleport onto my lips!”

We got on the road fairly early since we’d be losing that last hour to finally be in the eastern time zone. Ryan took the first 300 miles or so and battled some wind but otherwise was a nice driving day. See the picture to the right of Winston as I’m eating a blueberry muffin…I know, not the superfood smoothie I usually have but didn’t have much of a choice!

Rest easy kids, we're almost there!

Rest easy kids, we’re almost there!

So, we got to the Tampa pad around 6:00pm and what a relief! We actually got the RV pulled into the driveway without taking out any trees, bushes, or fire hydrants. The pups are still getting settled in at this point but I’m confident that Winston & Athena will adapt to their new environment.

Winston & Athena getting used to their new surroundings.

Winston & Athena getting used to their new surroundings.

It's nice to be home!

It’s nice to be home!

The Maddon Drive-a-thon is being extended until Rays Opening Day on Tuesday, April 2nd. You may donate at and for more information see or follow @WinstonCMaddon on Twitter. Thanks for your support. Pet Pal will do amazing things with your dollars, and remember it’s tax deductible! A penny-a-mile…total miles to be posted soon…:)

By: Jaye Maddon

Pensacola, Part 2

Since we ended up spending another day in Pensacola, we decided to go to this Irish Pub across the street from the hotel called McGuire’s. The place was pretty big, had many traditional Irish dishes and beer brewed right on site. It was Sunday afternoon so it was crowded but we got to sit right next to the wine cellar! This room was simple yet gorgeous with its stone walls and stained glass windows adorning each side of a beautiful fireplace. It reminded me that it was Palm Sunday and I was further convinced that we had made the right decision to stay and “rest” for one more day before heading home.

Here are some photos from McGuire’s Irish Pub:

McGuire's wine cellar.

McGuire’s wine cellar.

This one says it all, eh?

This one says it all, eh?

Beautiful stained glass window

Beautiful stained glass window

You can't see it in this photo but some of the, uh, people in this bus are moving.

You can’t see it in this photo but some of the, uh, people in this bus are moving.

Winston helping me with something at the vanity, Pensacola, FL

Winston helping me with something at the vanity, Pensacola, FL

We make the push for the Tampa Bay Area on March 25th. I’m looking forward to showing Winston & Athena their new home. Don’t forget you can still donate to the Drive-a-thon by going to and your donation is tax deductible. See the website for more information. Thank you for your support. Pet Pal will do amazing things with your dollars!!

By: Jaye Maddon

Pensacola, FL but…

…we are still in Central Time Zone? Who knew? Of course, it doesn’t matter which time zone I’m in right now because either way I’m exhausted! I definitely have a new appreciation for a) those who drive long hours at a time, b) those who travel with their furry kids, and c) those who do both WITH two adult sons who just want to get to the Tampa Bay Area. Oh, I might be the only one dumb enough to do all three, thus explaining why I’m so tired!

Last night we got to Pensacola, FL around 6:00pm and got the pups fed and out to do their biz in record time! After they were settled, I took Ryan and Dylan to a Brazilian Steakhouse across the street. I actually had a glass of wine with dinner! So I slept pretty good last night…:)

We are actually going to stay in Pensacola for one more day because the RV storage place we’ll be using for the first time in FL is not open on Sundays. Another thing I was concerned about was the weather as we’d be driving south. Looking at the map last night it showed some severe winds and storms at about the time we’d be rolling into Tampa. In thinking how scary it could be for the two pups, I decided against that extra trauma as we get to their new home!


Athena perked up after hearing something in the hallway.

More pics to follow but this is one of Athena after hearing something in the hallway. Let me tell you that once the dogs hear another dog bark in another room, heads up! They all start up…which begs the question: what are they saying to each other? Help me? Get me outa here? How long you been in there?

This morning I took the dogs outside to do their thing and when I tried to get back in the back door, both my keys didn’t work. So I had no choice but to walk in the front doors with both dogs. When some people see Athena they can tell she’s a sweetheart– those people are also ‘dog’ people. Most people, however avoid her like the plague. After getting my keys replaced I started walking down the long hallway back to the room and one of the hotel maids took one look at her and ran the other way! Too funny because she’s so good…and so misunderstood!

Please share this blog. The fundraiser for is going well so let’s keep it going! You can also follow @WinstonCMaddon on twitter for more info. We hit the Tampa Bay Area tomorrow…yipppeeee!

By: Jaye Maddon

Hello San Antonio!

Yay…we did it! Today we drove from Las Cruces, NM to San Antonio, TX which was 600 miles. Along the way we saw some interesting things plus drove through some pretty strong winds.

After getting through El Paso, I decided to let Dylan drive for awhile. He’s 19 and works with different van and bus conversions. At one point as we were on a two-lane highway in the middle of nowhere, I saw a man walking on the side of the road. Ok, odd but if that’s what he needed to be doing, then fine. Then I glanced over at the left lane and there was a black and white dog in the left lane! All I could do was gasp! Luckily, he didn’t run in front of us and he seemed to be waiting for us to pass so he could cross the lanes to get to his owner. Whew…that could’ve been bad!

Next, we stopped in Fort Stockton for a bite to eat. It was hot and windy. The pups got to stretch their legs a bit, then when we hit the road again, I took another shift of driving. There were lots of hills and gusty winds that whipped the coach from side to side! At one point Dylan said, “Mom- relax!” What? Then a little later the vent on the top of the coach really started rattling and making a loud clanking noise. Winston and Athena started barking like crazy! That’s Dylan on top of the RV fixing the clanking vent– probably from the gusty winds!

We finally get to the hotel around 10:00pm. It was a long day and we also lost another hour coming into Texas. Oh yeah, after giving Athena numerous chances, she waited until we got into MY room to do a #2. Needless to say she’s sleeping in the boys’ room tonight!

If you can, please visit to donate to Winston & Athena Maddon’s X-Country Drive-a-thon. It’s only a penny-a-mile 🙂 and please share. On Twitter, follow @WinstonCMaddon, the coolest bulldog around!

By Jaye Maddon

Dylan driving today...

Dylan driving today…

Big TX Welcome!

Big TX Welcome!

Dylan on top of the RV

Dylan on top of the RV



Maddon’s X-Country Drive-a-thon


Athena & Winston resting up for the #RoadTrip4Pets

Well, the Maddon’s are at it again but this time it’s Jaye who will be driving their pups, Winston and Athena, from Long Beach, Ca to the Tampa Bay Area in their 30′ RV. The trip includes a Drive-a-thon to benefit Pet Pal Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg. The Maddon’s are asking folks to pledge a penny-a-mile (less than $30) or other contribution to Pet Pal, a no-kill shelter, so they can keep up their stellar work for animals in need. To donate, go to or to follow the Maddon’s Mad, Mad X-Country Escapades, see and/or @WinstonCMaddon on Twitter. The Madd-ness begins on March 19th…