Now We’re In Las Cruces, NM

Will keep this one short since it’s so late here in Las Cruces, NM…we had a good, solid day of driving today even though we got off to a late start and got stuck in a few traffic jams. The pups were great! The last few mornings I’ve been giving Winston and Athena some all natural calming drops in their food and feeding them about an hour before we start to drive. It seems to be doing the trick because both the pups seem to be stress free…considering…:)

Later in the day, we stopped to buy some snacks and oh, yeah, some fireworks! Sadly, we were so tired after the long day that we didn’t even bother.

We’re staying at the Ramada in Las Cruces, and I am so impressed by this little hotel! It is very “southwestern”….white stucco building with cool arches and colorful tiles. I can’t wait to see the skylights in the courtyard in the morning!

Another 400 mile day in the books….are we there yet?Image

One comment

  1. Annette Baesel

    it’s nice they are such close buds…probably make the trip easier for them. Hope the winds aren’t too bad for you today…looking at the aerial of your route today…it looks a bit barren…with a few crop circles and El Paso thrown in for a bit of “color”. Wagons Ho!

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