First night in Mesa, AZ

Well, our first day on the #RoadTrip4Pets was a big success! Before I get into that story however, I want to share something that happened to Athena two days prior to the trip. Because of the move, there was all sorts of activities going on at the house including packing, sorting items for charity, rearranging furniture, etc. I had my brother Steve and a local handyman helping me with everything. And since we had to re-vamp Athena’s room, I put her on the couch in the family room in the interim. We also had to open the garage door which leads out to an alley behind the house. As I went upstairs to retrieve the vacuum, the guys followed me and of course, Winston did too. With the garage door open, Athena slipped out to the alley and headed down toward the church on the corner. When I got downstairs and saw doors wide open and no Athena, I was frantic! Ya know that feeling when you realize your child has walked away in a crowded store? And you have no idea where she is? Long story short, the three of us scattered and the handyman found her at the end of the alley by the church. Later, after my heart stopped palpitating I wondered if she just decided to run away or if she knew that something was going on, i.e. the house was being turned upside down! Ok so on to our first day:

Our first day on the road was respectable. Ryan (26) and I went to pick up the RV and gassed up (ouch- 4.10/gal) then back to the house to pack up the pups and other essentials. Picking up Dylan (19) was next. All that took three hours. We stopped in Blythe at 4:00pm and got to the hotel in Mesa, AZ around 7:45pm. Not bad with three adults and two dogs! The pups did really well considering they had no choice in the matter…:)

Tomorrow we’re heading to Las Cruces, NM. Stay tuned…

Please visit to donate to the Maddon Drive-a-thon. Thanks for your support of this wonderful cause!



    • jayemaddon

      Thank you! Athena has been quite the angel on this trip…she’s a gamer! Winston on the other hand…:)

  1. Annette Baesel

    yay…it’s working! Winston must have barked really loudly. Hoping you are nearing Las Cruces and getting ready for kibble and wine. I checked the weather…supposed to be a bit windy tomorrow
    …so take it easy out there in your “high profile” pupmobile!

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